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A little history

At the beginning of the 20th century, the scooter was more of a toy for children from wealthy families. First built in wood, it is then made in steel. The freestyle scooter appeared in the 2000s, but was a relatively confidential practice. It has since become completely democratized.

What characterizes a stunt scooter?

The freestyle scooter is a special scooter because it is made of a single block. It does not bend and is therefore more solid, it also has small wheels, a handlebar in the shape of a T or Y. Light, it is used to perform acrobatic figures, especially in skate parks

It is also composed of:

- A deck: platform where you place your feet, on which there is a grip (non-slip surface);

- A clamp: part that holds the handlebars and the fork;

- A manual rear brake;

- A reinforced fork.


Jeff Theberge


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