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CDA SHIPPING: Between/Between: $16 & $100 USA SHIPPING: Start at $120
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Scooter stand for the car

auto cadre kuat rack support transport vus

The most common question when the time comes to acquire a scooter: How do you transport a scooter on a car ?

Very legitimate question!

There are a multitude of car / SUV bike racks on the market. Each brand has its own range and style. For the scooter, most bike racks without contact with the frame will do the trick. It allows you to quickly attach the scooter without contact with the frame thanks to the ratchet arm that attaches to the front wheel.

Kuat Transfer 2

So you are spoiled for choice and prices. Do not hesitate to contact me for your questions on a specific product.

Good road !

Jeff Theberge

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  • Monvoisin Frédéric on

    J ai un trottinette ANGWATT t1 de 42 kg je cherche un support et le prix svp

  • Dangin Dorothée on

    Bonjour j’ai fais récemment un achat pour faire du canitrotinette et j’aimerais la transporter avec moi en voiture pour les vacances j’ai un dacia duster 2.
    Danfin Dorothée

  • Choine on

    Bonsoir je recherche un porte trottinette sans attelage

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