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And the dogs in all this?

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3 characteristics to choose a good scooter for canine traction.

For me, a good scooter for the dog must have 3 main characteristics:

1. A stable scooter:

Above all, it must be stable. When you put your foot on it, you should immediately feel the stability of the scooter. This is what will guarantee us a comfortable journey.

2. All Terrain Scooter (TTT)

I see a lot of cani scooters with smooth tires, a very low scooter that at the slightest bump will bump, get stuck, no shock absorber, small wheels... in short, everything that has my eyes, you should not do.

Fortunately, your sporting activity with your dogs is developing and there are now real all-terrain scooters.

With real good big all-terrain wheels, a wide deck, enough height to overcome obstacles, a suspension that ensures comfort and stability on all terrains.

Cross Max 20HD

3. Braking

It is essential for me to have very good braking.

Caliper brakes

The most basic mountain bikes usually have caliper braking. This is classic braking. I think that's not really enough when you have dogs pulling in front.

Mechanical / hydraulic brakes

But more and more, we find the possibility of having mechanical or hydraulic brakes, disc brakes.

I very often encourage to take hydraulic brakes because they are particularly effective. And when you have unleashed dogs in front who only think of one thing: go for it! Well, it's not bad to be able to maintain some control thanks to effective brakes.

You choose !!!!

Jeff Theberge

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