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During the winter, moving will promote the creation of our positive hormones, boost our immune defenses, and maintain our muscles. Here are some tips to get motivated.

The mild temperatures of the Indian summer are no longer relevant and autumn calls us to order with its much cooler weather. Similarly, the transition to winter time invites us to stay in our little cocoon or have “pajama” evenings snuggled up by the fire. However, it is important for the body and the morale to maintain regular physical activity.

Adapt your equipment

As the people of northern Europe say, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. So gear up! Many brands have developed access to technical clothing at reasonable and affordable prices. It is essential to adapt your equipment to the weather. Rain ? Waterproof clothing. Cold ? Insulating clothing.

The ideal in the event of cold, even very cold, it is to use the technique “of the onion”: one superimposes the layers of clothing. The first layer will be breathable with short sleeves, to wick away perspiration. The second will be insulating, with long sleeves to keep the heat in. The third layer will aim to protect you from the rain or the wind, if necessary. In extreme cold, protect your head to avoid too much heat loss, cover yourself with a hat. Same thing for the hands: we take out the gloves, without hesitation.

Find a partner

It's quite simple, but it works. If you know you are expected, you cannot withdraw without a serious reason. Two is better! We motivate our partner in life, our work colleagues, our best friend, our neighbour, our sister... We meet, we leave together, we come back together. We discuss, we exchange, we do a micro-competition for two, we let off steam and we secure ourselves.

In some big cities, there are groups that run together and just waiting to welcome you: search the Internet, join a group, and let yourself be carried away by the strength and energy of your gang. You won't be able to do without it.

Vary the pleasures

If you don't want to fall into a routine, it will be one day running, another day swimming, then tennis or cross-country skiing, for example. On the contrary, if you need to create a ritual to be sure to do your sport, you anticipate and organize: every Monday at noon, you run with a colleague, Thursday evening, it's yoga, with your spouse. etc Joining an association or a fitness club is also a good commitment, which motivates for other, more commercial reasons: we finance, so we stick to it. But it also works!

We also don't forget the very simple family outings at the weekend: so everyone gets moving and oxygenated during a walk in the forest, a ride on a Fat Max or Fat Bike, a treasure hunt in the countryside, a walk. So many good times shared with his family.



Jeff Theberge

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