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Your wheels are essential for your scooter. Never neglect the condition of your wheels.

Check tire pressure

If your tire pressure is too high , you risk losing grip and your chances of a puncture will increase tenfold. If this is too low , you also risk a puncture and you will lose efficiency.

If you have no idea what pressure your tires need, take a good look at the side of the tire. The directions are listed there.

Check spoke tension

While rolling, your scooter receives twists and also vibrations. These vibrations come to loosen the screws, hence the importance of checking the tightness of these before riding.
The wheels are the first to receive these vibrations and the spokes suffer.
If the spokes are loose, the wheels are weakened: you lose performance and risk a fall. Pay attention to the alignment of your wheels.

And the hub?

Periodically check the bearing of your wheels. If you feel a little side play, don't wait, have your wheel adjusted.

20'' Disc rear wheel

Good road !!

Jeff Theberge

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