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Customer service: When things go wrong!!!

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The poor management of CANADA POST Customer Service leads me to reflect on my own management of customer service and the decisions to be made when things go wrong. Here is my little reminder of customer service.

Poor customer service is when a customer is unhappy with services or goods. The customer does not feel heard fairly or that their concerns have been trivialized by the company.

Characteristics of a bad customer approach

Weak communication skills, impatience and rudeness are the bases of poor customer service. The client will have a feeling of being disturbed and of being too much. The sale will be lost but beyond that, the company's reputation will suffer.

Customer service function
Customer service is used in businesses as a technique to establish a good relationship with the customer. The intention is to keep the customer satisfied so that they come back for their purchases. But beyond the financial aspect, it is the relationship of trust that matters most. This is the reputation that the company will forge over time. And this reputation will be the very basis of its development.

Customers do not want to continue purchasing goods or services from a business that has poor customer service. It's the beginning of the end when customers do not find a pleasant shopping experience. Buying a scooter is pleasant, fun and uncomplicated. It must have the same effects for the company!!

Bad customer service is something that can be fixed through Training, Behavior, and Commitment.

The Footbike Commitment

Footbike has the Commitment to promote and ensure the well-being brought by the practice of Scooters and Cycling. Footbike's Commitment is also respect for the needs and requirements of the user for products and services.

Jeff Theberge

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