CDA SHIPPING: Between/Between: $16 & $100 USA SHIPPING: Start at $120
CDA SHIPPING: Between/Between: $16 & $100 USA SHIPPING: Start at $120
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This scooter is easy to ride and practical for all children from 8 to 13 years old.

THE ULTIMATE SCOOTER : The Freestyle Big Wheel Scooter is our big all-purpose scooter that's fast, easy to ride and convenient for all kids

NEO CHROME FINISH : Our jet powered neo chrome finish gives this kids scooter a vibrant rainbow color effect that is sure to turn heads!

AUTHENTIC STYLE : With BMX-inspired stem and handlebars so kids can shred the neighborhood in style

DESIGN : Strong, lightweight steel frame and fork. Soft handles with safety caps. Super grippy textured sole, hidden front wheel axle nuts and smooth rolling 12 inch air filled tires.

SAFETY : The low deck makes the children's scooter very stable and easy to ride. The powerful rear V-brake keeps the scooter under control and the handlebar has been fitted with a 3D rubber crash pad. 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Jeff Theberge

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