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What if we shared the SIDEWALK?

The Highway Safety Code (section 492.1) is formal: the driver of a motorcycle, moped or bicycle may not ride on a sidewalk except in case of necessity or unless the signs prescribe it. Therefore, unless there are obvious obstacles on the roadway or the roadway is subject to work that prevents traffic, cyclists must not use the sidewalk.

To each their own space!

  • The sidewalk is the realm of the pedestrian. This space is reserved for him, so he is not wary of cyclists who could arrive at high speed.
  • The sidewalk is not wide enough to allow safe circulation of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • In some places, the sidewalk can be cluttered with obstacles (flower boxes, benches, parking meters) that could quickly interrupt a good momentum on two wheels!
  • If circumstances force a cyclist to ride on a long suburban sidewalk, they should watch out for motorists leaving their driveway, often in reverse. They are used to seeing and avoiding cyclists who are on the road and not on the sidewalks.

In summary: the sidewalk is for troubleshooting. He is there as a last resort.

Jeff Theberge

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