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You have tested Bikejoring and you want to discover a new pulling sport to offer your dog? Choose the scooter !

The great return of the scooter does not only concern busy city dwellers, dogs also find their account in this new trendy activity for dogs and their masters !

Let's see together what this sport is all about.

The Scooter: what is it?

Practicing the scooter, as its name suggests, consists of riding a scooter with your dog. Even though this canine sport Although not as popular as bikejoring, it is still one of the main canine traction sports and its popularity continues to grow.

At a time when the scooter is making a comeback, especially in urban areas for those in a hurry, enthusiasts can also now use their scooter to go for a walk with their dog and thus offer their animal intense and regular physical exercise.

Concretely, this consists of attaching your dog to a suitable scooter with a shock-absorbing leash from the scooter to the dog's traction harness, so that he can then tow his master and the scooter during outings.

The scooter: the advantages

As with many canine traction sports, the scooter has many advantages:

  • This sport makes it possible to train sled dogs during off-peak seasons when dogs do not have the opportunity to thrive on snowy terrain;
  • The scooter allows you to offer a physical and fun activity to your dog;
  • This sport of course strengthens the relationship between the master and his dog since a quality response is provided to the essential needs of certain dogs who need to practice intense physical activity to be fully fulfilled;
  • Practicing the scooter (and any dog ​​sport in general) helps maintain and develop the physical and mental fitness of the dog in question
  • The scooter, like many canine activities, helps to strengthen the education and obedience of your dog

The scooter: what equipment to start with?

To start scootering, you obviously need the right equipment. Not to mention big expenses and pro equipment, here is the list of essentials to get started:

  • An all-terrain scooter, more practical...

Regarding the traction harness, of course choose a harness that is the size of your dog and respects its morphology. The harness must not prevent the dog from moving properly, in this sense, the shoulders must be completely free without straps in front.

Of course, never use a collar to practice a pulling sport with your dog, at the risk of injuring him.

In addition, know that an energetic and dynamic dog will not have the reflex to stop even if the equipment bothers him, he can go to exhaustion, even suffocation just because he prefers to run without " reflect ". So be sure to offer suitable and secure equipment for your animal.

Cross Max 20HD

Jeff Theberge

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