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Practicing the Urban Scooter!

bureau déplacement moving scooter trottinette urbain urban ville

Sit back, enjoy the sun, watch the street, the traffic, the city in motion. And you will see what you have never seen before: Scooters, rollerblades, skateboards. So many discreet means of transport in the city and invisible in official statistics.

Scooters are absent from surveys on urban mobility . In town, the fleeting vision of an adult perched on a scooter remains rare. However, it is inevitable: The Scooter takes its place as a means of urban transport.

“Active modes” , these individual means of transport having the human body as their motor, are limited to walking and cycling. And yet, when we pay a little attention, we notice in the overall flow of traffic these modes of transport, or rather of acceleration, which until then went unnoticed. Among the Toddlers, we observe a lot of children, girls and boys mixed together, who slip away after school, but, curiously, very few teenagers. And occasionally an adult.

By scooter, we move on average 2 to 3 times faster than on foot in the city center. There is an average speed of about 12 to 20 km/h. Faster than a car in rush hour, you can move around nimbly and thus avoid traffic jams and, above all, no longer waste time parking. Wearing a helmet is recommended on a scooter (as on a bike): "prevention is better than cure", says the proverb!

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Jeff Theberge

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