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My Child and the Helmet

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Safety first

First of all, it is important to remember that bicycle helmets are safety equipment and not toys. Standards are in place to help you in your choice and allow you to orient yourself towards reliable helmets in terms of safety.

Choose a bicycle helmet for your child, in the right size!

A helmet adapted to your child is a helmet that is the right size. Too big, the helmet may slip. Too small, it will not cover certain areas. A danger in the event of a fall in both cases. To find the right size for your child's bicycle helmet, measure his head circumference 2cm above the eyebrows.

The importance of settings

Choose a bicycle helmet that you can adjust in several points. Head circumference, chin strap, adjustment under the ears. This will ensure good support and stability of the helmet on your child's head. A well-adjusted helmet is a helmet that is straight on the head, that does not slip to one side or the other, firmly fitted on the skull and adjusted to the level of the head circumference. The Y-strap should be adjusted below the ears. Finally, the chin strap must be tight enough to allow only two fingers to pass under the chin.

Technical helmets

Vents, LEDs, anti-UV protection, ear muffs, etc. Manufacturers are overflowing with imagination and ingenuity to offer you helmets that are ever more technical and adapted to everyday use. It's up to you to decide what your child needs most.

Don't neglect the look!

Finally, last advice and not least, choose a helmet that pleases! offers a selection of simple helmets, so that your child is proud to wear his.

Jeff Theberge

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