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An unmissable event on the St. Lawrence River

This meeting born from the pleasure of sailing together has, despite two rather special years, proved its worth: in 2020, the first edition brought together 10 boats and their crews who sailed in a flotilla from Quebec to Tadoussac. During the second edition, in 2021, the flotilla already had more registrations than there were places in the participating marinas with 30 boats and more than 100 participants!

Quebec's enthusiasm for boating and flotilla navigation attracts many boaters to share an experience like the Rallye-Croisière: careful navigation punctuated by daily stopovers. Our team of volunteers and boating professionals take the opportunity to offer them educational and festive activities during which boaters on the St. Lawrence can learn from their peers by developing their autonomy and their seamanship.

For the third edition of the Rallye-Croisière, we are once again inviting a fleet of 30 sailboats and motorboats to sail together from Quebec City to Rimouski in joy. It is from July 15, 2022 to July 23, 2022.

Footbike is interested in this event for different reasons. The main one is the availability of certain foldable scooters that can easily be boarded on a boat. It is for this reason that Footbike will be in Quebec and Rimouski with products on display.

Be on time !!

Jeff Theberge

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