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The youngest can't take it anymore, by dint of seeing you spinning on a scooter, he wants to do the same. Ready to introduce your child to this sport? While waiting for him to roll by your side, here are some tips to get you started.


The first step for anyone getting ready to hit the streets on a scooter is to have the right equipment. As much for his safety as for his pleasure, involve your child in the choice of his equipment. He will be all the more motivated to learn if he has chosen equipment that he likes, and with which he feels good.

According to age , the cut and the dexterity of your budding athlete, it is necessary to adapt the two-wheeler. Opt for quality with handy scooters, light enough while remaining stable and reliable.

Sullivan Terra Firma 12''

Also choose the right size and the right model: no need to force the beginner to get on a two-wheeled scooter if he prefers three wheels; consider the handbrake for toddlers (more stable).

On the security side, do not forget the helmets , knee pads and elbow pads . Explain their role to him: they should not represent a constraint, but allies to have fun!

Jeff Theberge

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