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The little beginner!

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A crucial step!

Getting started on a bike is a complicated exercise for a child. To start off without losing their balance, your child must first learn to place their feet on the pedals without looking. If one of his feet slips, he can easily find his pedals without looking for them.

To get started on the bike, teach your child to position the front foot above the level of the bottom bracket axle. In this way, he has more strength to complete his first turn of the pedal and gains enough speed to keep his balance. Don't forget the helmet.

You can also offer him some starting exercises: start him on a slight slope to facilitate learning. When he masters his first turns of the pedal, start him on the flat, then on a slight climb. His balance, technique and pedaling strength are improved.

Test the “1 2 3 start” game, it is formidable. The object of the game: to start on your own. It is then a matter of proceeding step by step:

- push with the feet (like on a balance bike) for 3 seconds,

- raise your feet to put them on the pedals,

- pedal!

You can play by varying the seconds given before lifting your feet: sometimes it will be 4 seconds, sometimes 6...

You can also remind him that he must always pedal and give him the rhythm: “you pedal, you pedal…”

Jeff Theberge

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