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Choosing a freestyle scooter for children?

Freestyle scooters exist for children or teenagers as well as adults. But not everyone will use it in the same way, very often the youngest want a scooter of this kind not necessarily to do stunts and tricks, but to be cool ! While the older ones will choose their models knowingly for a sports use and in the skate parks.

A stunt scooter can be considered for a child:

  • More than 5 years old
  • Who wants to go to the skate park to do tricks
  • A bit of a daredevil who likes to jump (he shouldn't on a traditional scooter) or tends to mistreat his belongings
  • If he is passionate about Freestyle stars

Choosing a stunt scooter for kids is often a good choice , especially for their solidity.

Pay attention to safety , the risk of injury is higher because of the jumps and tricks that this type of scooter allows. For this reason, the driver must be equipped with at least a helmet and to avoid serious injuries, elbow and knee pads are recommended.

He don't have to choose a Freestyle scooter for:

  • Traveling long distances on the road or cycle path, taking too long family walks
  • If you want a practical scooter to take everywhere with you
  • If you want a comfortable scooter for normal use

At Footbike, the choice of freestyle scooters has grown. New brands and new models. At Footbike, it is the scooter for beginners that is important. Happy shopping!!!!

Jeff Theberge

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