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CDA SHIPPING: Between/Between: $16 & $100 USA SHIPPING: Start at $120
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A Big Wheel scooter for what purpose?

To go to the station, to do your shopping, to accompany your children you can adopt a scooter. At Kickbike you will opt for the City G4 with its basket in front of the handlebars.

A scooter with large wheels for sport!

With the Kickbike G4 Sport you will go everywhere: road and rolling path. You will leave for 20 minutes or chain pushes for hours!

For off-roading or pulling with the dog: the Cross Max series from Kickbike. Disc brakes, suspension and 27.5 front wheel. Fast, light and solid.

Downhill thrill: the DH Core series from Gravity Scooters. Solid, quality and FUN!!!!!

And There you go. Only choice and quality

Visit: to make your choice!!!

Jeff Theberge

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