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Seasonal depression is characterized by mood disorders that most often occur after a change of season (usually in the fall and/or winter). This condition can progress chronically if not diagnosed and treated quickly enough during the offending season.

The depressed person is often not aware of the disorder they are suffering from and takes some time to realize and recognize it.

It should not be overlooked as it is potentially serious.


The depressive episode generally begins when there is a change of season: often in the fall, when the natural sunshine decreases. Gray days also contribute to seasonal depression. And right now with the pandemic, the risks are even more present.


Seasonal depression is usually manifested by:
- deep sadness;
- melancholy;
- affective indifference;
- loss of interest and pleasure in daily activities.

Other symptoms may also appear:
- irritability;
- hypersensitivity;
- a loss of form;
- sleep disorders (hypersomnia) and chronic fatigue;
- eating disorders (overeating and weight gain or, on the contrary, anorexia);
- suicidal thoughts;
- a decrease in concentration and a decrease in intellectual functions;
- headaches and stomach aches;
- decreased libido...

It is necessary to consult a doctor in order to set up an appropriate care.

Prevention tips

It is not always easy to prevent seasonal depression . However, some general recommendations help to avoid depressive states :
- adopt a healthy and balanced diet;
- have a close circle of family and friends;
- practice a regular sporting activity (if possible, outside);
- get fresh air and light regularly;
- ventilate the interior regularly;
- decorate the house in a sober and clear way;
- practice luminotherapy (light therapy)

Talk, discuss and not stay alone in your corner. In these times of confinement and teleworking, call a family member or friend.


Jeff Theberge

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