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I have a scooter on board my sailboat (feedback)

Here is a testimonial from a customer about his Kickbike Clix scooters on board his sailboat:

Hi there,

It was my wife who had the idea. Some stores being a little far from the boat, she equipped herself a year ago with a small scooter ( Kickbike Clix ) which can be stored in a trunk in the cabin. First advantage: is forgotten when not needed and immediately operational when needed. It's the kind of vehicle that can be slung over your shoulder in a supermarket or that allows you to alternate walking, scooters and public transport.

My wife has a second scooter for land life: electric with 8.5 diameter wheels. This model is much more rolling and is still easily transported by public transport. On the other hand, it must be left in front of the stores, because it is already too bulky to be taken over the shoulder. It travels easily 20 to 25km without worries. It is also a good solution for a navigator, because the object remains discreet on board.

This is a great utility for a scooter.

Jeff Theberge

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