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How about planting Papa trees?

arbre arbres foot scooter tree trees trottinette

Last week, I received an inventory of Scooters. 150 scooters. It's a nice order. They come from afar.

It got me thinking.

We talk a lot these days about the environment, the ecological footprint and the state of the planet that we are going to leave to our children. When I ask myself such a question, I refer to my best adviser: my son.

We discuss what we can do to improve our environment.

He simply said to me: And if we planted trees Dad?

So here's what Footbike will do in the spring of 2020. We will determine during the winter a suitable place to plant 1 tree for each scooter received . So 150 trees. This will be our way of getting involved.

This will be Operation FOOT-ARBRES 2020

Footbike 's color is GREEN. So we are consistent!!!

Good week !

Jeff Theberge

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