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Why choose Footbike ?
An Alternate Fitness Tool

Any competitive or recreational athlete will use a variety of cross-training methods or tools to complement their particular sport or to meet their fitness needs. One such tool that is becoming increasing popular is the Kickbike. The Kickbike is a high end adult version of a scooter. Although new to North America, the Kickbike has been around for about 20 years in Europe and the Netherlands where national and international Eurocups are held yearly establishing national and world records for distances ranging from 200m to 30km.
How does one train on a Kickbike?
The Kickbike is propelled forward by kicking back as you would on any scooter. The only new skill needed is learning how to switch kicking legs. There are two techniques that can be used for switching kicking legs. One is called the "Heel Roll" and the second the "Hop- Step" technique. How often you switch kicking legs is dependant on the person but usually a cadence of 3 to 10 kicks before you switch is normal. When attacking hills your cadence will increase. When descending hills you are best to just stop kicking and enjoy the ride.
What muscle groups are utilized?
Training on a Kickbike utilizes the large muscle groups that are used in running as well as cycling. When riding a Kickbike the standing or support leg uses primarily the quadricep and lower leg muscles, (tibialis, gastrocnemius, (calf), and soleus). Most of the load while riding is handled by this support leg which is constantly flexing thoughout the kicking cycle. The kicking leg itself makes use of a pendulum type of kickback beginning at the hip which draws in the glutes, hamstring and calf muscle groups. As the kicking leg is brought forward and up the abdominals come into play. With a little practice a pushing motion can be added with the arms that will involve the pecs and forearm muscles.
Who will benefit from using a Kickbike?
The Kickbike can be used by those who are interested in light exercise while cruising the harbor front or bike paths though out the city or as a means of commuting to work. The Kickbike can also be used by those who have a more intense interest in cardio fitness and would like to avoid the high impact nature of running. Because it is low impact the Kickbike has become a popular tool with those mature athletes who have had to give up running due to knee or hip problems. The Kickbike is very light weight at 13 kg. making it ideal for just about any age group from 10 to 60 years of age. When you factor in the cardio and its low impact nature along with the utilization of the muscle groups discussed above the Kickbike is an excellent cross-training tool for any walker, runner, cyclist or for those who are recuperating from an injury. It is truly a fun and unique way to exercise.
Rodger Knight
Mathematics teacher, Basketball and Track Coach at George S. Henry Academy in Toronto, Ontario

KickBike:Arguably the Best Aerobic

Workout Available!

Developed as a cross-training device for elite Nordic athletes 9 years ago, its fusion of acute performance and European style encourages easy transition from gentle broad-walk gliding, to a low impact, full-on total body, aerobic workout. It's about spirited people, a funky motion and a liberating sensation.
Even if your workout is the gentle broad-walk stroll, you can still expect to stretch your hamstring, strengthen and tone your quadriceps and calf muscles, as well as trim down and firm up your thighs and buttocks! You will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals, lower back and shoulders. Not bad results from just having a bit of fun.

KICKBIKING, generates a low impact foot strike, as your body weight is principally supported by the stationary leg. This significantly reduces shock to the knees and lower extremities. Injury prevention is further enhanced by not fixing you to a specific position, which reduces muscle stiffness, strain and the chance of injury. All you need to do is remember to change legs regularly.

So the Kickbike will give you all the benefits of running without the high impact that causes most injuries. In fact because of the low impact, and the targeted muscle groups, it gives athletes the chance to start training a lot earlier in their rehabilitation process.

Alternatively if you increase the pace for twenty minutes at good Kickbike pace, you will get all the above body benefits as well as an aerobic workout equal to an hours cycling.

Kick your butt into shape on a KICKBIKE. It's the simplest, safest and most enjoyable way to reduce fat and/or improve your fitness!

Bruce Cook of
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