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History of Kickbike

Kebek and Canada portal for the Kickbike-Kickspark and Footbike sport promotion since 2000.

Welcome to explore the world of kicking with us!
           <ad mare usque ad mare>
Our dedication is to develop smart and fast kick human powered vehicles
for both summer (scooters) and winter (kicksleds and kickspark) all over Canada.
Function is the main objective but many people like our products for their design.
The Kickbike scooter and Kickspark kicksled are both
the original innovations design by Hannu Vierikko and his world family.
Copies have come and gone… but and are here to stay.

Kickbike Worldwide ltd., founded in 1994 by Hannu Vierikko in Finland, promotes scootering and kicksledding for sport, fitness, commuting - or just for fun by manufacturing and distributing Kickbikes, KickSparks and related equipment together with its partners. It also participates in studying the kick - motion biomechanics and metabolism, has programs for teaching people the correct use of the equipment, runs recreational events and much, much more. 

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