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Calif smartkick

Price : 1,800 CAD (before taxes and transport)


A PL-350 of Bionx on a Classic kickbike

350W Nominal 600W Pointes
Weight: 8,8 lb / 4 kg

Battery : 
Li- Ion 36V, 9,6 Amp/h 
Weight : 6,8 lbs / 3,1 kg 

Advantages & Benefits of PI System
- Gives a Bionic sensation to the rider. 
- Evens out all level of kicbikers (friends and family) and allows them to ride together.
- Allows long distance riding with minimum level of fatigue. 
- Adds to your kicking and eliminates dead spots. 
- Can be used as training for the faster kicbiker due to the generative mode.
- Can be used as an interior and exterior workout machine.
-  Gives the sensation of riding with a super light bike (level eliminates the weight of the bike). 
-  The motor-wheel is quiet and requires no maintenance.
-  Being light, it can be taken anywhere.
- Can be easily installed on your kickbike. 
- The battery can be recharged while braking or going downhill. 
-  Allows you to defy the hills, the wind, and even a faster cyclist. 
- Is a great mode of transportation to get to work or in town.


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